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Saving Time in Your Kitchen

Posted on January 30, 2012

Who can’t use a little more time in their day? It seems that everyone you talk to these days has a little more on their plate than they bargained for. Come dinnertime, we’re running on fumes! Well, no time like the beginning of the year to set things right and make sure you’re organizing your time to be as efficient as possible. Try any or all of these five tricks and you’re sure to give yourself a little extra down time without sacrificing deliciousness on your dinner table.

Get Prepared: Don’t confuse prepared foods with fast food. There are plenty of great prepared options, like FreeBird Chicken Nuggets, Grilled Strips, Patties and Popcorn Chicken that cut your cooking time in half, while providing a wholesome starting point. And if you think those little nuggets are just for the kids, we’ve got a salad recipe that’ll put a whole new spin on the way you think.

Bulk Up: Don’t let your recipes dictate the way you chop and prep your veggies. Instead, mince, chop, peel and dice ingredients like onions, garlic, herbs and raw vegetables in bulk when you return from the grocer and store in air tight containers. When you’re ready to cook, just gather the prepped ingredients that suit your recipe and get rollin’. Dinner will be done in a matter of minutes.

Think Thin: It’s simple science. A big bulky piece of meat takes quite a bit longer to cook than its skinny little cutlet cousin. Ask your butcher to pound a few boneless, skinless FreeBird chicken breasts for you and you’ll save even more time at home.

Go Raw: There’s hardly a quicker meal than a prepared rotisserie chicken on a bed of greens. Make it exciting, without adding tremendous cooking times, by adding raw vegetables like little sweet 100 tomatoes, avocados, and shredded carrots. Feeling like something a little out of the ordinary? Pair sliced apples, pears or orange segments with spiced nuts and crumbled feta, goat or blue cheese.  No cooking, rockin’ recipes.

Freeze!: O.K., up front it’s no time saver, BUT if you make a big batch of soup, cook enough noodles for two casseroles or braise eight chicken legs, rather than four. You’ll have plenty to freeze for the next time crunch. Consider double batches on the weekends, when cooking is a joy. Cash in on your creations during the week and they’ll taste even better than the first time around!