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Pie in the Sky Ideas for Chicken Pot Pie

Posted on November 9, 2011

There’s hardly a comfort food that compares to chicken pot pie. The classic sports that warm, creamy filling topped with a buttery flakey crust. Who can top that? We think we can. Or, well, at least we can come up with some pretty amazing chicken dinner recipe ideas that are equally delicious and way more unique.  Inspired by flavors from all over the U.S., we’d like to take this American classic on the culinary road less traveled.

Southwestern Pot Pie: Add FreeBird chicken, green chilies and corn to your pot pie filling and spice it up with chili powder and some ground cumin. Rather than thickening with heavy cream or a buttery roux, stir in masa harina to create a rich, more interesting sauce. Top the whole dish with crushed tortilla chips.

Kansas City Pot Pie: Consider a BBQ sauce base and go from there. With grilled FreeBird chicken strips and baked beans mixed in, this pot pie will literally burst with flavor. The traditional flakey piecrust or buttermilk biscuits create a terrific contrast with the spiciness inside.

New Orleans Pot Pie: Spice up your pot pie with gumbo file and other Cajun spices. A little anduille sausage, chopped tomatoes and okra added to the ingredient mix will give it a world of flavor. Not sure how to top that? Cornbread baked on top, of course!

California Style Pot Pie: Swap out those traditional carrots and peas for artichokes and fava beans. Add roasted chicken, lemon zest and plenty of fresh herbs to make your sauce taste bright and sunny. No need for piecrust. Just top with diced or crumbled sourdough bread tossed with olive oil and bake until golden.

What’s your favorite recipe for chicken pot pie?