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One Chicken Three Soups

Posted on February 17, 2012

We’d like to blame it on the cold weather; but really it’s the cold and flu season that keeps us craving chicken soup for months on end. Of course, there’s no reason to wait for the thermometer to tell you when it’s time for Mom’s natural remedy. Adding a variety of interesting ingredients to your typical steaming pot will have you delighting in the ultimate comfort food throughout the entire year. Here are three of our favorite twists at FreeBird:

The Lynyrd Simmer: Nothing like adding some Southern cookin’ secrets to that simmering pot to amp it up. Start by seasoning your chicken broth with a little Creole blend with plenty of black pepper and cayenne to add some spice. Add vegetables like okra or collard green to make it authentic and healthier to boot! Thinking about fried chicken? Float a few FreeBird Chicken Nuggets or some Popcorn Chicken on the top and you’re ready to rock.

Carlos Santana Chicken and Rice Soup: Start with grilled FreeBird chicken strips in your favorite broth. Add rice, black beans and corn. Season with chili powder and cumin until you’ve got some serious spice singing to those sinuses. Looking to turn up the volume even higher? Add some green chilies to the pot and let it roll.

Bob Dylan’s Bubbe’s Secret: Jewish Penicillin is hard to beat. Start with plenty of onions, celery and carrots. Season with parley and dill. If you’re up for the task, finish this off with light, fluffy matzah balls. Of course, as Bubbe would tell you herself, the same bowl prepared with egg noodles is certainly nothing to sneeze at.