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More Than One Way to Roast Chicken

Posted on March 20, 2012

Roast Chicken Recipes

The best roasted chicken has golden crisp skin and juicy flavorful meat. Almost everyone can agree on that. So how is it that there are so many different recipes to achieve those very goals? Here are a few that we’ve found to be interesting, entertaining and exceptional. Try them out and you just might find a new favorite technique today.

Beer Can Chicken:

How: This is by far the most outrageous trend in the world of roasted chicken. Simply take your favorite can of beer and pour half of it into a glass (that you’ll probably drink while waiting for your bird!). Place the can with the remaining beer in a large roasting pan and prop your whole FreeBird on top of the can. Surprisingly, you’ll see that the cavity of the bird fits around the can perfectly. From there, you just season as you wish and roast it in your oven.

Why: Positioning the bird upright allows the hot air in the oven to circulate around the entire bird. The result is evenly crisped skin, moist meat and a bonus sauce that is created when the chicken juices meld with the beer in the can. Check out how its done.

Rotisserie Roasted Bird:

How: This one requires some gear. Rather than placing your bird on a roasting rack, a rotisserie-roasted bird is skewered through the cavity and turned slowly in the oven (or over a closed grill) until it’s perfectly golden and absolutely delicious.

Why: The advantage to rotisserie cooking is the chicken is constantly turning so that the maximum amount of air circulates around the entire bird. Typically, a pan below catches all of the savory juices so you’ll end up with an easy gravy to finish off your dish.

Eight Piece Crispy Cut-Up:

How: Instead of purchasing a whole FreeBird, go with the 8-piece package. Simply preheat your oven to 425ºF and place the parts, skin side up, onto a foil lined baking pan. Make sure to use a pan with sides that are high enough to catch the juices, but not so high that they block the airflow (about 1-inch is perfect). Drizzle with olive oil and season as you like, but we think salt and pepper is all you really need. As long as all of the pieces have plenty of space between them, they will crisp up amazingly in about an hour. (Check breast pieces at about 45 minutes as they cook a little quicker.)

Why: This is the quickest way to enjoy crispy roasted chicken. It’s also a perfect fix it and forget it weeknight entree. Because the portioning is done in advance, it requires no carving and goes straight from the oven to table in minutes.