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Save the Earth While You Eat

Posted on March 18, 2014

FreeBird chicken relies on a lot of things for our amazing birds. One thing for sure, it all starts with Mother Nature. That’s right. Without the right weather and conditions to grow natural corn and soybeans, provide pure well water and fresh air, we couldn’t grow our chickens to be as healthy as they are. So it just seems right to find ways to give back to the source.

Invest in a weekly CSA box. In many urban (and suburban areas) CSA (community supported agriculture) deliveries are available throughout the year to supply you with the seasonal produce. The best part is that these boxes are not only filled with the finest fruits and veggies of the season, but they’re delivered to your doorstep (or a central location in your neighborhood) on a regular basis. Can’t find a CSA near you? You can still show support for your farmers and reap similar benefits by shopping at your local farmer’s market.

Mix with Muscle, Not electricity. If you want to make your recipe taste exactly like grandma used to make, chances are you’re better off mixing and chopping that chicken salad on your own. Isn’t that how they did it in her day? Not only will you have better control of piece size and product consistency, but also you’ll save some BTUs and burn some clean energy while you’re at it.

Try for Zero Waste: While recycling empty plastic containers, paper and glass, consider ways to reuse as well. Turn chicken and veggie scraps into soup and stocks and toss bones and other perishables into the compost bin. The less you put into the garbage bin, the better for the planet.

Follow Your Farmers: Most people don’t have time to raise their own chickens and grown their own greens. But you want the folks who are putting food on your table to be doing it with Mother Earth uppermost in mind. Check out their websites, follow them on facebook and make sure that they’re as committed to doing right for the environment as you are.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags): Who says the choice at the checkout counter is paper or plastic? Try “none of the above” instead. Invest in 5-6 sturdy reusable grocery bags and keep them on hand for groceries and errands. Rather than creating waste every time you pick up dinner, you’ll set the environmental trend in the right direction.