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Delicious Gifts for Rockin Moms

Posted on April 30, 2012

chicken organic

Your mom rocks. Sure, we know. But what are you going to do to show her that you think she’s a star? Sunday Brunch? Crowded. Picnic? Possibility. How about getting into the kitchen yourself to show her the love? We’ve got a few delicious DIY gifts to help you get started.

Make a Mom Mix: What spices does mom love the most? Create a special mom mix with her favorite flavors mixed into one convenient jar. Not sure which to choose? Start with equal parts of cumin and paprika. Mix in half as much ground coriander and ground oregano. Add some ground black pepper and salt and mix well. Pour into a shaker and she’ll enjoy the flavor of Mother’s Day throughout the year.

Store up on Stock: We all know that many of the best soups, stews and braised dishes start with fresh stock, but most moms have no time to prepare it from scratch. With a large pot and some FreeBird chicken, you can make it happen. Simmer bones, wings or a whole chicken in water with some onions, celery and bay leaves for at least 2-3 hours. Once it’s flavorful, you may salt it or leave it unseasoned, depending on mom’s diet. Allow it to cool completely, before pouring into several pint-sized airtight containers. Store in the freezer for those scrumptious meals to come.

Rosemary Garlic Oil: Place a handful of peeled garlic cloves in a small saucepot with a spring or two of fresh rosemary. Pour a small bottle of olive oil into the pot and heat over medium-low for 10 minutes. After you’ve removed it from the heat, allow it to cool completely. Using a funnel, pour liquid contents carefully into a decorate bottle. Place one fresh clove of garlic in the bottle if possible and seal tight with a cork. Make sure to tell mom to refrigerate and use this up (by drizzling on her FreeBird or fresh bread, perhaps?) within the week.

Prep the Fridge: Now, starting with the vegetables in the fridge, peel, dice or chop those items that mom uses most and store in labeled Pyrex containers. A little low on provisions? Start with a trip to the grocery store, stocking up on the basics like, onions, carrots, fresh herbs and garlic. When you’ve filled at least a half dozen containers of colorful veggies, present her with the full fridge.

Season Some Salt: Combine a cup or two of kosher salt with 1/4 cup of dried thyme, 2 tablespoons of dried oregano, a tablespoon of paprika and a tablespoon of coarsely ground black pepper. Pour into a medium sized Mason jar and seal tight. Attach a card with suggested uses including: sprinkle over chicken before roasting or grilling. For freshest flavor use this within 6 months.