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Cool Chicken Veggie Recipes

Posted on September 5, 2012

Whether your garden is overflowing with its harvest or you’re just taken by all of those fantastic colors in the vegetable aisle, cooking is a joy at this time of the year. There are infinite flavor combinations that you can create using all of these fabulous vegetables. With some FreeBird on hand, you can turn those simple chicken veggie recipes into dinner in no time flat!

Slice red bell peppers, onions and celery and sauté in some olive oil. Add capers and some white wine and pour over a pan-seared boneless, skinless chicken breast. Make sure to sprinkle plenty of fresh oregano, marjoram or chives on top.

Create colorful skewers with boneless chicken thigh, red onion and fennel wedges. Brush with olive oil and season with tarragon and thyme, then grill over medium heat. Serve with a lemony aioli or fresh herb mayo.

Sear chicken breast with artichoke hearts and mushrooms. Season with sliced garlic, basil and marsala wine. Finish off the dish with a pat of butter.

Roast a whole FreeBird on a roasting rack and place a variety of veggies, including fingerling potatoes, parsnips and yams in the roasting pan below. As the chicken cooks, the veggies absorb the drippings and juices for a particularly simple, but scrumptious meal.

Chop up some ripe tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers and toss into a salsa seasoned with cilantro and lime juice. Serve with FreeBird Grilled Chicken Strips or grill some FreeBird of your own and enjoy for one of the best chicken veggie recipes the summertime has to offer!