Humane Practices

Room to roam.

FreeBird chickens are humanely raised on family farms in the rolling hills of Amish country. Our farmers pride themselves on always keeping the barns clean and well-ventilated. And because of our commitment to making sure that the chickens have plenty of room to roam and spread their wings, our barns provide more space than conventional farmers.

Pure Vegetarian Diet.

While conventionally raised chickens may be fed animal meats and bone meal as part of their normal diet, our chickens are vegetarian proud. They get their fair share of a healthy blend of grains, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and oils. And they are happy. What they don’t get are animal by-products, or antibiotics. These things can make them sick and distressed. Who wants that? Naturally, our chickens develop the way they’re supposed to and, when they reach your family’s table, taste exactly like chicken should.

Simply no antibiotics.

Did you know that some farmers actually give antibiotics to healthy birds? In our world, that’s just never done. We believe that giving antibiotics to healthy animals is dangerous and, to be honest, irresponsible. No one wants antibiotics in their system when they’re healthy.

Bet you’re wondering how we do it. Well, we serve our birds a good diet. We let them exercise. We provide clean shelter. Our birds aren’t crowded and stressed, so they don’t get sick. Doing all these things right, means we don’t have to give our birds antibiotics. In other words, we work hard to grow healthy chickens. Pure and natural, they’ll rock your world.

Life on the Road.

We’re farmers, not drivers. So it’s probably natural that we think chickens should spend as much time as they can on the farm and as little as possible in transport. That’s why our family farms are as close as possible to our processing plant. Our specially designed transport trailers use extra care in moving each bird in order to make the transition humane, successful and stress-free. No bumps, no bruises, just free and easy chicken for your family to enjoy.