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“FreeBird Chicken is the most tender, juicy, delicious chicken you can buy. It is the building block for our now 30+ marinated chicken items we carry at the market. One bite and you will agree with me.”
— Joe Parajecki, Director of Meat, Standard Market
“We are proud to highlight FreeBird chicken in several of our signature entrees at BAKERSFIELD. The meat is tender, juicy, and its superior flavor shines through in our Knife and Fork Fried Chicken andFive Spice Rubbed Rotisserie Chicken.”
— Brian Wright, Executive Chef at BAKERSFIELD.
Standard Market is a chef-driven Celebration of Food.
We are your destination for thoughtfully selected and beautifully displayed fresh and prepared foods. The chef-driven Market features departments laid out to evoke European-style open-air markets brought together under one roof, selling everything from handpicked produce to expertly butchered meats to top-quality fish and seafood. The Market also includes a complete from-scratch bakery, an in-house delicatessen, and an extensive wine and cheese collection, along with choice dairy and pantry offerings.
“…we’re proud to present chicken that is tender, juicy and wonderfully flavored, because it further distinguishes our food” — Bruce Cost, Culinary Partner, Big Bowl, Lettuce Entertain You