We’re proud to have earned the Earthwise banner, because Earthwise stands for the highest standards in the industry. And every day we work to raise the bar.

No Antibiotics Ever Administered.

Notice the word “ever”. Some chicken companies simply take them off antibiotics as they get older. This may remove the drugs from their systems, but it definitely doesn’t say anything for the way these birds were raised. We like to be true to our word. We know our customers want humanely raised antibiotic free chicken and that’s exactly what we give them.

Vegetarian Fed.

While conventionally raised chickens may be fed animal meats and bone meal as part of their normal diet, our chickens are vegetarian proud. It costs us a little more, but it’s worth it. Because FreeBird chickens are fed with great care, they have the pure, natural old-fashioned flavor that win accolades for great taste time and time again.

Humanely Raised.

Our humanely raised chickens are grown in Amish Country, by experienced family farmers, who follow strict animal welfare standards. The chickens are free-roaming in well-ventilated barns, which offer more room than those of factory-raised birds. Our chickens eat and drink on their schedules, not ours. (And, as we just mentioned above, they are vegetarian fed and not given antibiotics.)

Because humane treatment is such an important tenet to us, we use both internal and external third party audits to assure that our animal welfare practices meet the highest possible standards.

No Growth Hormones.

While we would never use hormones under any conditions, it is important to mention that federal laws have prohibited them for a long time. The reason we continue to mention that we don’t use hormones is that we know from consumer questions that there is still confusion about their use. So we say it loud and proud. Never used them. Never would. After all these years we know that growing great chickens just comes naturally.